International Lotto Draws: 21/22 March

Hey lotto fans! For this weekend’s upcoming lottery draws, all jackpot prizes are sitting below the elusive nine-digit mark. This is thanks to the US Mega Millions‘ huge $400m jackpot prize being won during Tuesday’s draw – congratulations to the winners! This is the official breakdown of some of the biggest lotto games to be found anywhere on the world – and the great news is, entry into these ridiculously lucrative lotto games can be gained right here on For the Friday evening draws, these are the games that are scheduled to be drawn:

megamillions_logoWe’re going into the Friday edition of the immensely popular US Mega Millions game with a refreshed $15 million minimum jackpot prize on offer. With odds of 1 in 175,711,536 of taking home the jackpot prize, it’s challenging yes – but not impossible! Play Mega Millions online now to put yourself in line to win the jackpot!

euro_millions_logoThe Friday rendition of the Euro lotto glamour model, the Euromillions, will see players competing for a rollover jackpot prize of €24 million. This is definitely a substantial prize to be won, so be sure to play your lucky lotto numbers in time for tonight’s draw and battle against the 1 in 116,531,800 odds of winning!

euro_jackpot_logoThe final Friday lotto game, the EuroJackpot, is the pan-European version of the Euromillions lotto. While both share the same gaming DNA and are played in the same way, they still stand as two completely separate lotto games – and for tonight, the EuroJackpot is definitely the stronger contender out of the two with its €40 million jackpot prize on offer – not to mention the game’s considerably stronger odds of a mere 1 in 59,325,280 of winning! Play EuroJackpot online now to compete for the jackpot prize. AspirationIn terms of the Saturday draws, we have a game that’s keenly eyeing that nine-digit barrier that separates a good lottery win from a great lottery win; and we also have a game which boasts exceedingly good odds of winning:

power_ball_logoThe game that everybody knows and loves, the US Powerball, has the biggest jackpot prize of all the lotteries for tomorrow’s Saturday draw – a stellar $96 million! This prize is within sniffing distance of that $100 million barrier, and in the event of the jackpot rolling over yet again, it will most certainly exceed it. The game sports odds of 1 in 175,223,510 of winning the jackpot prize – would you like to go up against those odds to secure a fabulous jackpot win? Play US Powerball online right now in order to do so!

uklottery_logoAnd last but not least, we have the UK Lotto game – one of the most winnable international lottery games currently in existence! This game is well-known for its jackpot prizes – while rarely exceeding £10 million, it is not uncommon to see anything up to a win a week with the UK Lotto. The game’s great odds are largely responsible for the jackpot prize not being given an opportunity to roll over sufficient times in a bid to generate a healthy jackpot prize fund – try 1 in 13,983,816 odds of taking the jackpot home with you! Enter tomorrow’s UK Lotto draw right now to play for the game’s £4.4 million jackpot prize.

As always: The very best of luck to all our players! If you feel  the need for a touch of “divine intervention”, then check out this amazing free lucky lottery horoscope for your lucky lotto numbers. Happy, safe online gaming!

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Tuesday Lotto Results | 18 March 2014

lotto winnermegamillions_logoLottery players from all over the world who had entered their lucky lottery numbers into the Tuesday rendition of the US Mega Millions game were understandably nervous and anxious – and for good reason: the stakes were high. Not just regularly high, oh no; with $400,000,000 as the jackpot prize, every single players harbored secret dreams of being able to be the one fated to take it home with them! This makes this jackpot prize the third-highest in the game’s star-studded history, with the highest jackpot ever awarded by the game being a gob-smacking $656,000,000. So, that being said: Were there any winners of the jackpot prize, or will we see yet another rollover? Here are the numbers that were drawn during last night’s game:
MMR-18febIf your Megamillions ticket matches the numbers which were drawn, here’s the news: Congratulations, winner! Yes folks, that’s right – the $400m jackpot has been claimed. Not only by one winner, but by two very lucky ticket holders who had fortune on their side, and are now the ecstatic owners of a massive fortune! With the prize being split down the middle, each winner walked away with $200,000,000 – what an impressive win! However, the good fortune offered up by the game never ended there – in the second prize tier, there were eight players who matched all five main numbers as well. This saw each one of these tier winners walk away from the game a full $1,000,000 richer! In the third tier, there were 207 players who matched up four of the five main numbers, as well as the bonus Mega ball. The tier prize of $5,000 was awarded to each one of these players for their efforts in the game. In the last of the well-paying tiers, the fourth tier, there were 2535 players who matched up four of the five main numbers only, which saw nominal dividends of $500 being paid out to them. For full US Mega Millions lotto results, consult the Results & Winnings table below: Aspiration
euro_millions_logoOn the EuroMillions front, last night’s draw came with the game’s minimum jackpot prize – €15,000,000. While this may be the smallest amount offered up by the game, it is still quite a substantial win nonetheless! While there were no players who were lucky enough to score a top prize jackpot win, there were tier winners who still walked away from the game with smiles on their faces. These are the numbers which were drawn last night (Tuesday, 18 March 2014):

euromil-res-18marWe may as well start off by stating that there were no jackpot winners in last night’s game – this is good news for players looking to enter Friday’s draw though, seeing as the jackpot prize has been given the opportunity to roll over and now holds a value of €24,000,000. In the second prize tier, there were four winners who matched up all five main numbers, but only one of the bonus Lucky Star numbers. For their efforts though, each player was rewarded with a palatable €253,982 – well done, players. In the third prize tier, there were also four players who matched up all five main numbers only; this afforded them a €84,661 win apiece. The last of the well-paying tiers, the fourth tier, saw a total of 31 winners who were successful in matching up both Lucky Star numbers, but only four of the required five balls for the jackpot win. Despite this though, we’re sure they were suitably happy with their €5,462 windfall.

Live the American dream at PlayUSAlotteries.comLooking ahead to international lotto draws tonight, First up we have the popular US Powerball game, with an $80,000,000 jackpot prize on offer. Play US Powerball online right now:

Keeping within the United States borders, the other US lotto game with the ability to pay out big jackpots will also be drawn tonight – the SuperLottoPlus game. For this evening, entrants into this Californian lotto game will be playing for a $34,000,000 jackpot. Would you like to try your hand at winning this jackpot prize? Play SuperLottoPlus online right now:

And last but not least, the lotto game with amazingly good fortune; the UK Lotto. For tonight’s draw, entrants will have a £2,200,000 midweek jackpot prize to look forward to playing for – play the UK Lotto online now if you’d like to try your hand at winning the jackpot!

Big Lotteries, Big Money

PlayEuromillions.comAs far as big-paying international lotteries go, the cream of the crop can be found right here at With two of the world’s biggest lottery titles under one roof, there’s a heck of a lot of winnings to be had if your lucky lotto number combination proves to be the correct one! After the US lotto giant, the Mega Millions, has indulged itself on a spate of rollovers which has seen the $15 million minimum jackpot prize rise astronomically all the way up to $309 million ahead of tonight’s draw, there’s sure to be a massive increase in last-minute ticket sales as lotto enthusiasts and chance players alike all bay to give themselves yet another shot at the title prize. Who will be the one fortunate enough to correctly match up all the numbers which will be drawn this evening, or will we see the jackpot roll over yet again – this could see it well on its way to the biggest-ever jackpot awarded by the game, an immense $656 million. It’s halfway there already, right?

On the other side of the room, we have the equally popular EuroMillions lotto game. The posterboy of the Euro lotto industry, the EuroMillions recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary by hosting a special Superdraw this past Friday; with a €100 million guaranteed jackpot prize for all competitors to salivate over. Again, no players were successful in laying claim to this jackpot prize, which means that it has been given the opportunity to roll over as well. For tonight’s draw (Tuesday, 11 March 2014) there’s an amazing €112 million up for grabs – as with the Mega Millions, will we see yet another rollover or a newly-minted multimillionaire emerging from the game?

Either way, whichever lotto game you decide to participate in – make your lucky lotto numbers count! If you feel the need for any zodiac inspiration, why not check out this awesome lotto horoscope. Play your favourite international lotto game online with and be a winner!